13. 10. 2016

Europa blijft ver weg voor Heren 1

-Alkmaar- Alvoco heeft in een gedenkwaardige bekerwedstrijd om snel te vergeten het onderspit moeten delven tegen het stugge VVW. De mede-eersteklasser maakte over het geheel iets minder fouten dan de Alkmaarders met een...

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06. 10. 2016

Op zoek naar Sofia

-Alkmaar- Alvoco moest in zijn eerste thuiswedstrijd van het seizoen in een zoals altijd kolkende Oosterhout gehavend aantreden tegen het volstrekt onbekende VHZ wegens de verwachte afwezigheid van de Bulgaar en de onverwachte...

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28. 09. 2016
earth creation

Neanderthaler wint broedertwist

-Hoofddorp- Voor het eerst in de geschiedenis van het ontstaan van de aarde vindt op de heilige grond van de Fanny-Blankers-Koen-hal in Hoofddorp de historische broedertwist plaats tussen de Neanderthaler en zijn spelverdeligere...

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10. 07. 2016

Ronaldo Falls Apart But Still Wins

And so it ends. The final of EURO 2016 with the expected home nation France and ugly ducklings Portugal who have sneaked their way through the tournament means the final round of Saint...

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07. 07. 2016

Müller’s Curse Spreads to Fellow Germans

The clash between 2-time EURO winners France and 3-time EURO winners Germany is their virgin encounter at a European Championship. They did meet four times at a World Cup with France being victorious...

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06. 07. 2016
lamb chops

Portugal Roasts Lamb Chops

A big day for both Portugal and newcomer Wales as both teams have a unique chance to reach the final of a European Championship. Portugal only managed to win a semi-final back in...

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03. 07. 2016

Vikings Get Stranded 

The year is 2016, and all France is expecting the home nation to win. Only one small nation of indomitable Vikings still holds out against all of Europe. But how much longer can Gunnarsson, Sigurdsson,...

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03. 07. 2016

Die Mannschaft Schafft Es

Another final-esc match for Italy is on the menu for their game against the World Champions while Germany has cruised their way through the tournament without much exercise. But the Italians are the...

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01. 07. 2016
Devlin, the 18 month old Manx Loaghtan Ram that is terrifying staff and guests at Hatton Adventure Park in Warwickshire.  TERRIFIED staff at a petting zoo are calling in an exorcist after being tormented ñ by a ram with DEVIL HORNS.  See NTI story NTIDEVIL.  The 18-month-old Manx Loaghtan ram called Devlin is so vicious staff have been ordered to go in pairs when they feed him and remain in radio contact.  Since he arrived at Hatton Adventure World, Warwicks, at the beginning of October, the four-horned beast has smashed a field full of pumpkins and attacked its keepers.  One visitor even complained to bosses after Devlin GROWLED at her young son leaving him in floods of tears.  Spooked staff have also reported seeing the water in the sheepís pen BUBBLING and bags of feed being upturned in the pens.

Red Devils Get Gored by Welsh Sheep

Belgium starts their quarter final game against nemesis Wales full of furious anger. After having created some interesting although not very dangerous crosses they get a triple opportunity when a cross by Hazard...

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30. 06. 2016
portugal tie

Portugal Ties Up Poles

Portugal has listened to the bucket load of critique that was dropped on their heads from the sky like a diaphoretic god with diarrhea because they amuse the crowds directly from the start,...

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