11. 07. 2017

Eastern European adventures galore

The Saint’s first ever roadtrip begins where so many have stories have started before; right at the beginning. The beginning is among the idyllic canals of Amsterdam on a sunny Saturday. Saint Nic...

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05. 05. 2017

Another Last Goodbye

The final Australian wakey wakey call is relatively late as the Saint’s first return flight back to the Netherlands will be only at 11.15 am. This means breakfast will be at 7.30 am...

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03. 05. 2017


The last full day of the Saint’s adventures will be enjoyed aboard the Passions III from the company Passions of Paradise. The 6 million dollar ship is brand new has only been in...

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02. 05. 2017

Wonderful World

Daintree National Park is home to the oldest rainforest of the world dating back to about one million years. As of 1984 Daintree is a UNESCO natural heritage site, two years after the...

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01. 05. 2017

Good Vibrations 

After a failed attempt due to faulty hotel WiFi to listen to AZ’s cup final loss against Vitesse Saint Paul is awakend by the alarm at 4.30 am for the last domestic flight...

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30. 04. 2017

A Rum Tale 

Saint Paul wakes up after a rough night filled with dreams about luggage stealing female pirates, rattles snakes playing with maracas and ‘four-eyed’ students doing studenty things on the streets. Fortunately today will...

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29. 04. 2017

Crocodile Love

With the visit to Nourlangie Rock, Saint Paul immediately feels he has ended up in one of the adventures of the younger years of Scrooge McDuck as he gets to admire rock paintings...

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28. 04. 2017

What’s My Name?

PJ continues his tour through Darwin on Friday morning to tell more about the damage cyclone Tracy created back in 1974. Darwin International Airport also had the honour of being selected as an...

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27. 04. 2017

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Despite the influence of the Dutch on the Land Down Under there is no sign at all of any festivities for King’s Day in Alice Springs. The only Dutch connection in the second...

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26. 04. 2017

Time to Say Goodbye 

Another day, another hike. The Saint has slept well with the wind gushing through the nets of the tented camps where he and his followers have spent the night. The cool breeze and...

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