Leaving on a Jet Plane

On April 27, 2017 by Saint Paul

Despite the influence of the Dutch on the Land Down Under there is no sign at all of any festivities for King’s Day in Alice Springs. The only Dutch connection in the second biggest city of the Northern Territory is found while ordering breakfast at the Red Dog Cafe in downtown Alice Springs. The girl behind the counter does not notice the Saint’s Dutch heritage but when Bartholomew asks for a double shot in his coffee his accent reveals his true colours and makes her reveal her orange identity as well.

Because there is nothing on the schedule for this morning, Saint Paul, Bartholomew and Freddy decide to explore the not so very vibrant city centre. It takes less than an hour to discover the major highlights such as Anzac Hill and the signpost to all major cities around the world. They therefore walk over to the Royal Flying Doctors Service museum to see if it indeed has no signs related to the famous 80s series. The rumour that Saint Martin had spread is indeed as true as a koala up in a eucalyptus tree, because while there is of course correlation between the series and the medical service itself, there is no mention of Doctor Geoff or Nurse Kate whatsoever.


Flight VA1741 is besides his Saintliness, Saint Martin and their followers completely devoid of any other passengers. A total of 27 passengers are inside the belly of the flying beast 737-800. Due to the absence of many people, Saint Paul and their followers are scattered all around the plane. He only has Mary-Jane, Carmen Sandiego and MJ surrounding him on the row adjacent to and behind him. This also means the female flight attendant in charge of safety instructions for his area of the plane is providing a private show for his Saintliness.

At Darwin International Airport Saint Paul is welcomed by their new driver and local guide PJ. PJ takes them on a scenic tour along the coast where he tells about his near death experience with a salty while trying out his new hiking shoes that he got for 60% off. Unfortunately the crocodile also wanted a piece of this action by trying to take some body parts of him too. But PJ’s presence today is proof that the croc went to bed without supper that day. This gives the Saint’s brand new driving guide the chance to tell some interesting facts about the city of Darwin. Darwin was bombed by the Japanese in WWII and killed thousands of people or about one hundred if you believe the government. The city is also home to many salties that sometimes get out of the chilly water and warm up on the bike path. They also get 8 metre high tides when the moon is full and round like a pancake. And PJ also has a great tip for going to the casino: A sure way to double your money is by folding it and putting it into your pocket.

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