What’s My Name?

On April 28, 2017 by Saint Paul

PJ continues his tour through Darwin on Friday morning to tell more about the damage cyclone Tracy created back in 1974. Darwin International Airport also had the honour of being selected as an emergency airstrip for the space shuttle just as Mataveri Airport on Easter Island where the Saint landed while in Search of the Easter Bunny. The tour follows down the road to the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory. The name reveals that it is a museum and art gallery with lots of animals on display and many photos of Asian-Pacific cultures, the cyclone and of course good old Sweetheart, a 5.5 metre long friendly crocodile that preferred boats over tasty human flesh.

The second stop takes place at Howard Springs which is not far from Darwin. PJ has brought some breakfast for the barramundi to feed on. The barramundi are an intriguing species as they are born male in fresh water and later on when they open the magical door into the realm of the salt water world, they suddenly turn female. Mother nature works in mysterious ways sometimes. 

A coffee stop is made at Humpty Doo which sounds as if it were the place where the seven dwarfs would get some coffee after attending to Snow White’s needs. However, it is far from being a Disney-like place but it does offer a handy weather telling rock. 

The tour continues down Arnhem Highway 36 with many woollybutt trees that have managed to evolve their bark into a fire resistant bark throughout the many centuries of getting burnt by bush fires. The aborigines set fire to the grass to be able to find their way which reminds fairy tale lovers of Hans and Grethel only instead of setting fire to the wolf infested woods, they use bread crumbs to find their way back home. 

At exactly 3.53 pm Saint Paul arrives in Kakadu National Park, with 20,000 square kilometres the largerst national park of Australia. It got its name from the local language Gagudju which was adapted into Kakadu. Besides having over 280 species of birds, 10,000 species of insects, 120 reptile species and more than 2,000 species of plants, it also has rock paintings dating up to 20,000 years old. Its 3 main rivers are the East, South and West Alligator River, which is a result of a human error. Similar to the extra t that was added to the Kennett River due to a overzealous clerk, the 3 Alligator Rivers were incorrectly named bt Phillip Parker King after the alligators that turned out to be crocodiles. When he found out about his booboo it was too late, because everyone was already calling them by their erroneous names and poor mister King had to live in shame for all eternity.

After a long day of listening to PJ’s never ending waterfall of stories, and getting in and out of the bus, and avoiding being ripped apart by crocodiles, Saint Paul and his followers are happy to relax for a few minutes at their new home at Cooinda Lodge and Caravan Park. Because there is a only one restaurant in the vicinity, everyone unanimously decide to have dinner at Mimi’s. His Saintliness feels the three sausages option is the right way to go as he then gets a bit of buffalo, kangaroo and crocodile all at once on his plate. It seems to be the correct call although he does have difficulty identifying the different animals inside his sausages. In the meantime Carmen Sandiego uses her womanly wiles to get some food and beverages for free. As the evening turns into the early night, and a dog shaped dingo runs past, geckos fall from the sky, and the bar closes shop it becomes clear it is time to leave again which the Saint and his people do to get ready for a day on the water in search for some crocs.

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