Crocodile Love

On April 29, 2017 by Saint Paul

With the visit to Nourlangie Rock, Saint Paul immediately feels he has ended up in one of the adventures of the younger years of Scrooge McDuck as he gets to admire rock paintings dating back tens of thousands of years. While he doesn’t get to see the story of Kakadu the dingo that steals the crocodile egg, is chased by the great platypus while Irria the black cockatoo sends Bunyip the water monster after the egg stealing dingo, he does get to see Nabulwinjbulwinj. Nabulwinjbulwinj is a dangerous spirit who likes to hit women with his yam, literally not metaphorically, and then eat them, probably with a nice Chianti if he has any in store. He had his metaphorical yam split by his mates that tied him down to give him his penile subincision as his motto was: Two is more than one!

For lunch PJ drives the lot to Jabiru which is a town solely dedicated to the uranium mine. The aborigines regard their land as their mother and therefore they dislike the fact of foreigners poking around in their mother. As a matter of fact, Jeffrey Lee, an aboriginal living in Arnhem Land, was offered a deal worth 4 billion dollars to sell his land to the mining company but the man kindly refused and happily went home to live his life with an empty wallet but with a big love for his country. He was later nominated for Australian of the Year.

At the Yellow Water River Cruise, Dennis is the Saint’s captain and demonstrates in genuine Aussie style how to put on a life vest. He explains that the front part that says front on it needs to be put on over your front while the back part that says back over your back. And when you fall into the water you need to take it off, throw it at the crocodile and swim like hell. Fortunately today no swimming needs to be done, only photographing. As soon as the boat sets sail onto the Yellow Water River, the Saint is busy writing a literary masterpiece and therefore needs to be alerted by Freddy that the first crocodile is swimming around the river. It will be one of seven crocodiles that are spotted on the two hour along with dozens of birds that merrily fly around doing their bird thing. Once the sun has set on the horizon the time has come to return home with all limbs still in the same place.

For dinner back at Restaurant Mimi the Saint feels that the right way to go is to order dinner and dessert all at once and it will prove to be the most glorious decision. Because after he has fully consumed his Angus Burger he gleefully receives his Lime Cheesecake. Neighbourette Jacky Sparrow immediately lays both of her eyes on the saintly cake and comes to the conclusion that she also needs to order it. The cheesecake tastes as heavenly as a cheesecake should, light yet filling, limey yet fruity. Just when the Saint spoons up his last bit of cheesecake, Jacky Sparrow returns from the counter and shares the sad news that his Saintliness has just consumed the very last piece of cheesecake which makes her a sad girl and in desperate need to console her sorrows in the comfort of an icecream from the supermarket. 

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