Good Vibrations 

On May 1, 2017 by Saint Paul

After a failed attempt due to faulty hotel WiFi to listen to AZ’s cup final loss against Vitesse Saint Paul is awakend by the alarm at 4.30 am for the last domestic flight of the journey. Unlike European airports Darwin International Airport does not differentiate between international and domestic flights so when a man arrived at Darwin International Airport on an international flight and needed to then board a domestic flight he took a cab to get to the domestic area of the airport. The cab driver was in a for a good laugh and some easy money and therfore drove around the parking lot only to arrive at exactly the same spot but a few dollars richer.

It is short but long flight from Darwin to Cairns. Short in the sense of distance but long in the sense of time, because a stopover is made in glorious Gove, also known as Nhulunbuy. This metropole’s biggest attraction is its bauxite mine and for this reason it’s not open for tourists or other types of people without a special permit. It is one of those mysterious places where even Google has not been yet with its car to see what is happening. Airport security at Gove Airport is so tight that even the Saint gets an explosive detection check but obviously he is explosion free. Even a woman without any shoes got her feet checked but one could of course very well be wearing fake bomb feet. 

Saint Paul’s final hotel of his saintly adventures in Australia is the Ibis Styles down on Florence Street in Cairns. It is ideally situated just a few minutes walking distance from the Esplanade where all the action happens. It offers many restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, tour agencies, a swimming pool due to the lack of beaches and crocodile free waters, and best of all, icecream parlours. After a souvenir run through Cairns, Saint Paul, Bartholomew and Freddy reward themselves with a visit to the Movenpick Ice Cream. The menu looks so delicious that it is difficult to make a decision, but finally his Saintliness chooses the Taste Board so he can taste 6 different ice cream scoops at the same time. He carefully selects 6 scoops of Swiss chocolate, mango, blueberry cheesecake, blackcurrent, pannacotta and vanilla. The waitress asks how many spoons she should get to share this feast with, but when the Saint tells her he will devour it all by himself she cannot restrain herself from giving a smile. However Saint Paul never orders anything he cannot handle so he finishes it, although with a bit of effort.

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