On May 3, 2017 by Saint Paul

The last full day of the Saint’s adventures will be enjoyed aboard the Passions III from the company Passions of Paradise. The 6 million dollar ship is brand new has only been in use for a couple of months. Saint Martin has been crossing his fingers for a long time to end his string of bad luck. The last few times he had people pass out due to dehydration after feeding the fish too many times and elderly French people end belly up in the water. This time seems to be a lot more promising with no cyclone in sight and not a lot of wind.

At around 8 am, Passions III sets sail to the outer reef of the Great Barrier Reef which is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. It’s a 2 hour trip to the reef but thanks to the relative small size of the ship and the relatively small amount of people on board, the trip is quite pleasant with lots of room. Once the reef has come into sight, the time has come for a briefing but as the sailors are anchoring the ship, it responds by moving from side to side making the Saint feel is he taken to the dark side by Beelzebub himself. A few moments and deep breaths later, he is his saintly self again and ready to experience his first time ever snorkeling adventure.It is a rather cool experience, cool in the sense of glorious, not in the sense of cold as the water is very warm, around 27 degrees Celsius. For the first dive the Saint spends his time close to his Belgian followers Nora, Gwendolyn, Elsa and together they form an intriguing composition for photographer on board Freddy. After a bit of excellent prepared lunch by the on board chef of the Passions of Paradise it’s off to the second diving spot. It is quite close to the first spot because after a mere 10 minutes the anchors are already laid out. 

This time Nora remains on board as you isn’t feeling peach fresh together with Bartholomew and Freddy of which the latter is going on the glass boat to avoid touching the water altogether. This means Saint Paul remains with Gwendolyn and Ilsa but with guide Denise they cover a lot more area than on the first snorkel spot. They get to see a stingray and a weird black organism on the coral floor that opens up and oozes some white stuff when gently touched. All in all a well worth the swim. For the long sailing trip back to Cairns there is not much else to do than bathe in the sun which is actually what is done. Some come out more lobster like than others, but at least it creates some colour and makes you feel alive.

The traditonal last supper takes place at the Boatshed which is located directly next to the marina where the morning voyage began. Now the circle completes itself with a dinner to close off the journey in style. Freddy makes Saint Martin feel all warm inside after saying so many heartfelt words. As reply Saint Martin responds by saying some nice words about the Saint and his followers especially the fact that they have been so easy going throughout the entire journey and spent their time together devoid of quarrels. For Saint Martin this means he can happily fly back home to Limburg and enjoy his holiday before heading back to work in a far away place.

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