Another Last Goodbye

On May 5, 2017 by Saint Paul

The final Australian wakey wakey call is relatively late as the Saint’s first return flight back to the Netherlands will be only at 11.15 am. This means breakfast will be at 7.30 am where the Saint meets Freddy who is not very amused by Ajax’ surprise win over Olympique Lyonnais in the semifinal of the Europa League. But Freddy explains he only has a healthy hate towards the Amsterdam club and isn’t too upset about it. 

After breakfast the first ceremonial goodbye session is set in motion when Mary-Jane leaves the group as she will fly together with Saint Martin later today via Hong Kong and arrive even earlier than the Saint and his followers in Amsterdam. The emotional scene takes a bit later than planned since Carmen Sandiego is hiding in a room for a bit waiting to be collected by Saint Martin. Once everyone has said their goodbyes to Mary-Jane and boarded the Tully River White Water Rafting bus, Saint Martin grabs hold of the microphone for the very last time before forever holding his peace, at least until the next group arrives.

At Cairns International Airport, the Saint receives some special attention by having his passport checked not only by a machine but by 2 real human eyes as well. He is then carefully touched by the security officer who compliments him on Ajax’ win, although his football knowledge tells him that Manchester United will beat them in the final due to the young age of the Amsterdam squad. Saint Paul then continues his way down to the shopping area to spend his last few dollars. 

Flight MI812 from Cairns to Singapore is piloted by Luke Skywalker personally on his trusty Boeing 737-800 as he vows to take his passengers safe to a galaxy not very far away and in doing so protect them from the forces of evil. He safely takes his spaceship into hyperdrive for an incredible journey in hyperspace.

At 5.31 am local airplane time the Saint feels he has watched enough Star Trek for today and decides to start packing his things to avoid this hassle during landing. However, this makes it look like he is getting off right here and ready to open the door and his halo to parachute down to the ground. Neighbourette MJ therefore jokingly asks him if he’s getting off here. A bit later on when Luke Skywalker is ready to begin his descend, an old lady begins her death cough. The Saint looks sideways back to the three Belgian ladies to determine their opinion on this case. Gwendolyn’s eyes tell the same story as Elsa’s, the plane needs to land quickly or otherwise they’ll be needing a stretcher to carry her out. Fortunately for the lady Luke Skywalker makes a quick landing by drifting his craft as a sports car across the tarmac. 

Now that the Saint and his followers have safely landed at Singapore Changi Airport, he now has to take over Saint Martin’s task of tour leader by guiding his flock to the booth where their free Singapore city tour will start. His mission is a great success as within a few minutes the right location has been discovered. After filling out the mandatory entry forms everyone is accepted into Singapore to discover what it has to offer. His Saintliness rides in the back of the bus and meets Danny, a Northern Ireland pilot living in the Northern Territory. As a matter of fact he is pilot of a bush plane at glorious Cove Airport where the Saint had landed just a few days ago. The world can be a small place some times. 

Singapore city tour guide Kathy is a bit worried if the group will make it alive and in one piece since they failed to follow her initial instructions. She attempts to locate an English speaking representative for the French delegation but unfortunately for her there is no one around to take up this Napoleonic task. In the end it turns out fine. The first stop takes place at Esplanade Park where a local news station is making an item for the 8 o’clock news. The Saint has noticed it and attempts to do some secret product placement by standing in the background looking out over the river while his blue bag fills the screen. Unfortunately the female reporter is having a bad hair day so they need to reshoot a few times for which the Saint has no time. 
The second stop takes place at the Gardens by the Bay to explore a part of the green heart of Singapore. His Saintliness is amazed by this strange city that is devoid of any suburbs which means it is quite inhospitable for any desperate housewives, or desperate women in the case of Singapore as due to the high workload women concentrate mainly on the 5 Cs: cash, condominium, credit card, car and country club membership. But as everywhere else in the world the saying goes: All work and no play makes you dull, and in this case that means a lack of marriages and new born children resulting in a great need for foreigners workers. Kathy is happy when the tour ends with everyone still in her bus. Now she can keep her job and sleep well.

The Saint’s final flight back to Amsterdam is extremely boring. Since a plane is the only place in the world where he cannot seem to enter his fascinating dreamworld he decides to continue his 24 marathon that he started on his journey from Amsterdam to Sydney nearly one month ago. It is a challenging task since he only has 13 hours to watch 14 episodes. After three episodes he makes an attempt to sleep after feeling drowzy in the darkness of the sleeping plane but it is a futile attempt, so 45 sleepless minutes later he quickly starts up the screen again to be able to reach his goal. Just when the Airbus A350-900 is about to put its wheels on the ground the Saint sees Jack Bauer weep over his wife. Neighbourette Carmen Sandiego congratulates him on the momentous achievement and the pilot is also clearly impressed by this feat as a few minutes later he touches down as if there were just some speed bumps installed on the Schiphol tarmac.

His Saintliness leads his followers to passport control where again the machine has problems reading the saintly passport. Just when the screen reads: Someone will come over shortly for assistance, the gate opens and the Saint makes his way in the his homeland. When he awaits the arrival of his suitcase his heart misses a beat when he almost hears his name being called but it is false alarm. As the luggage trickles in down the baggage claim the time to say goodbye has begun. One by one everyone grabs their luggage and kisses or handshakes each other away. The Saint remains for a bit longer to make sure his followers are all safe and then awaits the arrival for his trusty Titan suitcase to end another journey full of memorable saintly adventures. 

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